Fitness fans review on ShakeSphere

The new evolution in Protein Shakers
ShakesphereMost of you guys out there carry protein powder to or from the gym ready for your quick post workout shake – or for some of you a much needed shake during your workout. Whether you’re a person on the go needing to grab your ‘go to’ protein whilst you’re out and about, a busy office worker reaching for your protein to curb those staff room biscuit cravings or anyone wanting a simple but easy to use protein shaker; you’ll love the idea and function of ShakeSphere Shakerbottle.

The latest innovation in shaker bottle technology, ShakeSphere exclusively have created a spherical base which allows your powder to fully mix without any lumps or the need of additional apparatus. This helps to avoid any loss of your expensive protein and collectively becomes super easy to clean; all due to this fantastically smart corner less design. Unlike all other protein shaker bottles, ShakeSphere optimizes every aspect of the shaking process and speeds up your cleaning time drastically – less hassle when washing up equals one happy protein drinker!
I gave one of their Shaker bottles a go and I can safely say this is the best protein shaker I have used to date! I popped it in my gym bag on my first time using it, after my workout I went shopping and decided I wanted the shake whilst I was out spending money – obviously on fitness clothes once again! I had my protein powder in the shaker ready and added bottled water to the powder. Within a few seconds of shaking it (not too vigorously so I didn’t get any crazy looks from the fellow shoppers) the mixture completely combined with no clumps of powder at the bottom and no messy spillages! I consumed the whole lot in one go and continued with my retail therapy. After arriving home several hours later and chucking my shaker into the sink to wash, I was frightfully surprised to see absolutely no lumps or stains at the bottom of the bottle and washed it out within one full scrub – easy, quick and effortless!
shakespherebottle2Not only does the ShakeSphere shaker bottle come with an added storage department for a second scoop of your favourite protein powder – perfect to take to work with you – it also has implemented a pill section of which spins around the bottle creating three separate sections for all your tablets and supplements. The added storage connection can be either screwed on when needed or kept off to allow the shaker bottle to fit neatly in your hand or gym bag/handbag. This is an awesome way to keep your pre or post workout snacks secure too!

Wanting a protein bottle for all your colleagues, gym buddies or team members? Then ShakeSphere have the ability to create bespoke, unique customized shaker bottles affordable from where it be small or very large orders. Perfect to their innovative design and manufacturing process, ShakeSphere are able to meet any of your requirements giving you complete control over the colour of the lid, storage compartment and logo placement! With endless possibilities for customizing, ShakeSphere have a wide range of stock coloured caps and the ability to apply any specific Pantone reference if required.

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