Easy Omelette


Fancy a quick and easy omelette before your training? Get your ShakeSphere!


Serves 1:

– 1 pepper

-6 egg whites

-1tsp Garlic

-1tsp Mint

-1tsp paprika

-20g Cheese

– 5g coconut oil


1. Start by chopping your pepper

2. Separate 6 egg whites and add to ShakeSphere along with your pepper

3. Continue by adding 1tsp of granulated garlic, or 1 clove of fresh depending on your preference

4. To add more flavour add 1sp of dried or fresh mint with 1tsp of paprika

5. Add 20g of cheese of your choice ( optional )

6. Close the ShakeSphere cap ensuring it is secure

7. Shake mixture thoroughly till all ingredients are combined

8. Heat 5g coconut oil in a pan of Medium – High heat

9. Add mixture to the pan and cook on one side for 3-4 minutes

10. Fold one half of the pancake over the over and allow to cook for 1 minute

Serve and enjoy!

FIT FACTOR: This healthy, protein packed breakfast recipe is a low in fat and loaded with vitamin C





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